We're Back!

After taking a little break after the busy holiday season, we're back in the soap making kitchen working on new soaps for a special order!

Lemonberry & Lime is pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Christopher Chiropractic as they add our soaps and candles to their massage certificate gift baskets!  That's right! Not only can you have a relaxing massage to melt away stress and tension, but you also get a nice treat for your skin in the bath or shower with a bar of our luxurious natural goats' milk soap!  And for our vegan friends, we have vegan friendly soaps for you as well!  Our handmade soap produces a nice fluffy and gentle lather that is nourishing for all skin types.

 If you'd like more information about Christopher Chiropractic and their Valentine's Day massage gift certificates baskets with our handmade soaps, head over to their Facebook and check them out!  
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